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Entry #3

Golly Jee`

2010-12-11 04:07:43 by DanThelVlan

It's been forever since i've shown up on here.. I've had a LOT of crap on my plate as of recently, going back as far as before I joined Newgrounds. But enough of that. I'm getting a Tablet for christmas, that includes a mouse, so whether or not i'm good with the pen tool on the tablet, I can always resort back to my trusty mouse. The whole reason behind my lack of work, is my loss of my trusted mouse..

Enough of that though, I still have ideas out the ass for 8-Bit City ( Previously known as VG City ) as well as a few new ideas that I hope you guys will enjoy, and get a kick out of.

If anyone's available for a little chat, I need to get some information about sound effects and voice recording. Lack of audio can really hurt the funny factor of any good animation, so if you have some time and the know-how, please give me a ring. Or, if you're interested in voicing, that's a great start too.

Thanks a bunch, from your man, THE man! Dan~


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2011-01-29 21:32:52



2011-01-29 21:40:17

What LaughingBox said


2011-01-30 17:36:22

Holy moly it's a tank!

*peter griffin laugh*


2011-02-19 19:30:20

Get some voice acters and improve the animation and you are good to go